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In 1950, families of children with cerebral palsy believed there could be better education, treatment and services for their children and others like them; they did something about it and started the Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children. Within a year, the Council found itself providing services to both children and adults disabled by the effects of polio. To reflect this expansion of services, the name was changed to Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children and Adults.

In 1984, a desire to emphasize abilities rather than disabilities led to a second name change for the agency. It became the Saskatchewan Abilities Council Inc.

In 2017, National Brand was called upon to conduct a brand audit and make recommendations. Because of the long history and brand recognition in the community a brand evolution was chosen over a brand revolution. National Brand suggested a third name change from the Saskatchewan Abilities Council to SaskAbilities, a more modern, streamlined version of the name that still maintains a respectful nod to their history and roots in the community. The next step was to refine the old logo to better represent today’s SaskAbilities.

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Logo: The new logo gathers around one central graphic that carries through the idea of people, teamwork, beginnings, excellence and accessibility forming the letter A. The letter A is vitally important to SaskAbilities because it represents the ultimate outcome of our cause, Abilities.

The inside of the A or ‘bowl’ is highlighted green and naturally forms an upward arrow reinforcing the enriching outcomes of the SaskAbilities mission. The word ‘Abilities’ is intentionally bolder than ‘Sask’ to emphasize the importance of abilities. The two words overlap to show the union between the organization and the people of Saskatchewan.

The colours chosen are a cool grey and a fresh, lively green. The cool grey speaks to the large and diverse range of people that SaskAbilities works with. Green was used to show growth and renewal the core of why they exist.

The new logo gives strong brand recognition for all of the many SaskAbilities brands while reinforcing their core values.