premiere plastic surgery saskatoon

Premiere Plastic Surgery

National Brand helped Dr. Geethan Chandran launch his brand new clinic, Premiere Plastic Surgery. Premiere offers all the ‘spa-type’ non-surgical procedures such as Botox and body sculpting lasers as well as world-class surgical procedures performed by an accredited Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Chandran is a very accomplished Plastic Surgeon with a high level of aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail so we worked very closely together on developing his company name, brand, interior signage, website design, seo and then initial launch.

Premiere plastic surgery saskatoon
premiere plastic surgery saskatoon
seo saskatoon search engine optimization

The launch of Premiere Plastic Surgery was done with a mix of digital and traditional channels. We worked on the company naming for the business, logo, website design, added search engine optimization (SEO), created modern interior signage, Google ads and a billboard campaign.

The website design carries through the branding of Premiere with clean, clear graphics, clever copy and a focus on beauty. The SEO of the website continues to gain search rankings and is currently on the first page of the web search ‘Plastic Surgery Saskatoon’. Gaining a first page spot on Google without the use of a tedious blog or a long running Facebook page shows National Brands skills in website design and SEO. To compliment the website and its excellent search rankings we created Google ads to drive additional traffic to the website and boost visibility. Google Analytics for Premiere Plastic Surgery was also connected giving the practice a clear look at where people are going, for how long and from where.

Done correctly, launching a new start-up doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.