With experience going back to 1997 there’s a lot of great work that we still love. Longevity in design is a great indicator of the quality of the work. From some of the provinces biggest brands, to package design and annual reports big ideas can last through fads and trends giving you real value in design.

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best graphic designer saskatoon
best graphic designer saskatoon
best graphic designer saskatoon
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DAMN Fine Foods was looking for a package design that would really stand out in the grocery store. Like many projects there was no real direction as to what they wanted, but that was solved quickly. The idea of the ‘sinister berries’ was formed from the nature of the product, Jalepeno infused jams. ‘Sweet. Heat. Repeat’ became the tagline and the rest is history.

Great Western Brewing was looking for the evolution of their original diamond logo created when they opened. The beer had garnered several awards since then and the new logo had to portray the quality and prestige of the current day product. The revised design brings in the quality ingredients into the logo, retains the diamond shape and uses a classic font reflective of their history.

SaskTel’s annual report is a huge undertaking and the solution created was a standout piece, winning several design awards. The theme was ‘innovation’ and how SaskTel does this in several different business units. We used the photo shoot to shoot video interviews of the subjects telling their story of innovation. To get to the video from the printed piece QR codes were strategically placed directing the reader to the video.

St. Paul’s Hospital was celebrating their 100 year anniversary and were initially looking for a logo representing only that. The logo created for the event was loved so much, the client adopted it as the official logo for the hospital.

Saskatoon’s Shines was an important branding project for the city. The logo solution had to satisfy several different stakeholders in the city such as the business community, cultural, science, indigenous, tourism and more. The solution proposed not only satisfied all of these groups, but it was the only option presented. When you got it, you got it.

Saskatoon Transit used to issue printed bus passes before the now current electronic system. The target market for this set was high school students so a rock poster idea was carried through. The name of the month was used to create a fictional rock band with graphics to match. These bus passes won several awards including a judges choice award at the GDC Elevator awards show.