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How do you update the branding of a local icon? Simple. You get to know their story, their passion and their business. Then you take that knowledge and create the next evolution of their brand. Inspired by the classic automotive emblems of the worlds finest cars, this new logo is the perfect expression of the quality and history of the Kavia experience. The mythical Gryphon was chosen because it is the protector of all things precious. Kavia is known for the quality of their work, which is why it is the choice for owners of the world’s finest marques. The Kavia experience is available to any vehicle, be it a Honda, BMW, Ford F150 or a supercar.

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Since we began working with Kavia in 2015 they now enjoy being one of Saskatoon’s most recognizable brands. We began work on the branding and carried it throughout their strategy, marketing, social media and website design.

Our initial marketing campaign of “Every Car is a Supercar” has been very successful in creating recall and reflects the quality and care Kavia applies to all makes of vehicles. Kavia’s Facebook page is managed by National Brand and our strategy has helped grow our likes from 500 to a industry leading 2500, Kavia also has the most positive reviews of any Auto Body Shop in Saskatoon. Eye-catching Out of home advertisements such as our ‘reflective billboard’ helped Kavia win a Design Week Premiere’s Award with it’s unique creative execution. We help carry forth the Kavia brand in it’s community involvement and company culture through targeted communications pieces.

After a rebrand, it’s important to have ongoing brand management to ensure it is carried out in the proper way, otherwise it can revert right back to the initial problems. As keepers of the Kavia brand we continue to evolve and grow the brand as it should.