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Diefenbaker Canada Centre

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre was in a unique situation. The DCC had to appeal to tourism, education and heritage. As the final resting spot of John G Diefenbaker, the home of the Diefenbaker archives, traveling exhibits, educational programs and more the DCC has a complex but exciting offering. When asked to analyze their logo and how it applies to all promotion and communication we felt a strong branding device other than the logo was needed, hence the creation of the “Thingy”– a graphic representation of their buildings iconic skylight. The “Thingy” also works as a modular device allowing the use of multiple logos while highlighting the DCC identity.  Nice job, if we do say so ourselves.

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National Brand helped the Diefenbaker Canada Centre solve many challenges with simple good graphic design. Beginning with the evolution of the logo we simplified and clarified their mission. All advertising pieces such as print ads and the website were given a clever graphic device with a guide as to how to use it. Finally gorgeous and clean graphic design then was applied to a museum exhibit titled “Sisters United – Women’s Suffrage in Saskatchewan”.